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Raymond is an excellent teacher. He is so knowledgeable and patient with kids. He taught our 8-year-old son in the summer and we were surprised how much he improved. He always looked forward to his next lesson with Raymond.

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I had to learn a song for a special occasion within a week and I had no experience whatsoever. By the end of the week, I could play the song with my eyes closed. Piano lessons with Raymond were always focused and easy to understand. I would have never been able to learn such a song in such little time without help from him and I would highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone willing to learn the piano. He is a great teacher and made the learning process fun.

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Raymond Yiu is a consummate musician combing artistry/ passion with technical mastery.

James Hodgson,
pianist and singer

Alyzeh Vawda, student

Roshanak M, parent

Manuela Doller-Hauner, Risk Manager

Ray makes every lesson to a success story. Quick Impromptu exercises help me play every piece with ease and emotion. Even with a demanding job and children, music makes me feel happy and alive.

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David Waters, Counsellor

Raymond is a passionate, informed and highly skilled piano teacher. He shares his rich knowledge of piano technique with a broad understanding of piano repertoire. My own playing, as I prepared for ABRSM Grade 8, has developed rapidly in the few months we've worked together because of his incisive and detailed feedback and encouragement. I know that I'm in good hands with Raymond and I look forward to developing my skills even further with his expert guidance. 

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